Date Changes

Over the last few weeks, the project has changed and developed a lot as we have talked to patients and designers about what would work best for them. Because of this, we have made a few changes to the dates of the workshops. The first is still going to be on the 12th August, but we are following this with another on the 27th August. These will be for those involved in the project to start the brainstorming process and begin coming up with ideas. We are then going to hold a 3rd workshop on the 1st October for the designers to feedback their designs- this will give them time to make any adjustments needed before the exhibition in November.

But the workshops won’t be the only place collaboration can happen. We hope that those that attend the workshops will continue working together between them via online platforms. We are also aiming to live stream the workshops so that those who can’t physically make it to Manchester can still get involved. And of course you can still use #DesignforMSK to share your experiences via social media- these will serve as inspiration for the designers and may be featured in the final exhibition.

We are still looking for people to take part in the workshops, so if you are interested, drop us an email to let us know:

design msk flier 3 dates inc Oct



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