Meet the Designers

We are very excited to have some fantastic student designers from Manchester Metropolitan University involved in the project. They come from diverse backgrounds and specialities, and will undoubtedly each bring something unique to the design process.  We invited them to tell us a little bit about themselves:


Claire DavisonClaire

My name is Claire Davison and I am a creative who straddles two worlds. Graduating with a Ba(hons) Fine Art Sculpture degree, a few years passed juggling my art practice with “real work” before I took the leap and enrolled on the Product Design MA.  Spurred on by a curiosity for design and always having an interest in 3D; product design was the natural progression.

 My interests lie in drawing the unexpected out of the ordinary. I’m a firm believer in thinking outside the box to solve the problem, and believe that we’ve all got something to learn from one another.  I take much inspiration from the “human condition”; how we interact with one another and our environments. My designs have ranged from conceptual interpretations to hugely pragmatic but all are heavily influenced by cultural and social anthropology. 


Adnan ArifAdnan

My name’s Adnan. I have had a decade long design-led career in the wristwatch industry before enrolling into my MA in Product Design. I have a deep appreciation of material culture and I continue to be fascinated by our relationship with objects. I also believe in design’s ability to effect change and this has led me to seek a more purpose-led practice in order to explore how we make objects and how objects make us.


Houda KaddouhHouda copy

Hello, I’m Houda. (Please feel free to pronounce my name the way you please as I am aware it could be a tricky one!) I am a multidisciplinary product designer with a keen interest in technology and materials. I am driven by individuality and innovation embedding insightful concepts of value, perception and culture into my designs. I am always seeking new experiences and eager to get involved with passionate and interesting people to fuel my thoughts and inspire my future projects. 


Harriet WhittakerHarriet

I’m Harriet Whittaker, my background lies within Textile design and I have always been passionate about exploring the flexibility and diversity of materials. Following the completion of my BA (Hons) in Surface design I spent a number of years completing several creative internships and forging a career in marketing. As this career path didn’t allow me to fully utilise my creative abilities I chose to return to education, applying to study an MA Product Design.

This course has helped me to gain the knowledge and skills to design more functional and utilitarian pieces, opposed to the concept pieces I had made previously. I have always taken inspiration from the subversive use of materials, and products which serve a dual purpose. I believe design should be both practical and beautiful, with the ability to transform the space around us.


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