Houda’s splints and vacuum controlled support

‘After discussing the participants’ concerns with their existing products and problems that they faced repeatedly, I decided to focus on comfort and confidence. The obvious yet crucial problem that I was interested in resolving was the muscle tension and discomfort.

However, through the workshops and communicating with the participants, I also became aware that these illnesses can, in many cases, take over the patient’s life; having products with a very medical aesthetic can be very intrusive and affect the person’s social confidence.

This informed the style and detail within my designs. Most muscle supports on the market target one specific area only. I found this very surprising and through it would be very beneficial to have an overall neck, shoulder, lumbar and lower back support.

[For the finger and hand splints] my aim was to create a product that is aesthetically appealing, elegant and fashionable, yet providing the overall muscle support for the patients.

I wanted to create a product that will distract the patient from the illness, rather than the product being a constant reminder of the pain.’

These products were designed by Houda Kaddouh and are owned by Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Any enquiries should be directed to Manchester Health Ventures.

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